The city that defies the history, İstanbul.

    A city that keeps the tale which started in Asia alive in Europe… A city which makes you look into separate dreams from its seven hilltops… A city that makes words stick in your throat… A city that makes everyone believe in love at first sight… A city that defies the history by writing all beautiful stories in the world… Here it is, İstanbul…


    All Dreams Lead to the Square...

    Squares are the gates of the world that lead to dreams. From Paris to Rome, from New York to İstanbul, they are the favourites of the world and the heart of each city. Meydan Ardıçlı is being born to bring a new living square to İstanbul. From street performers to water games, from shopping centres to unique cafés and restaurants, the new living centre of İstanbul is brought to life in Meydan Ardıçlı.


    Enjoy the Life...

    Moments full of joy, conversations that you never want to end and unique flavours… The life in Meydan Ardıçlı is so unique that it makes all moments of you and your loved ones special. In the cafés and restaurants located in Meydan Ardıçlı, world famous flavours and moments full of joy adorned with local delicacies await you. bekliyor.

    Living a Dream...

    For instance, what if you find yourself in a tale when you wake up every morning or what if each day brings another one of your dreams. The comfort of Meydan Ardıçlı offers a unique life at any moment. You would get lost in life like a fairy tale and live your dreams every day from dawn till dusk.

    Because every dream is worth living...

    Child or adult, everyone has a dream… While children play and learn safely in the playgrounds located in Meydan Ardıçlı, joyous moments await you with numerous hobby opportunities. Because every dream adds value to life in Meydan Ardıçlı.

    Bring motion to your life...

    The best aspect of sports is the feeling of happiness it gives us and the health it brings in our life. 3 separate indoor gyms, running and cycling tracks, tennis and basketball courts located in Meydan Ardıçlı both bring motion to your lives and open the doors to a healthier life. The passion for sports is experienced in a different way in Meydan Ardıçlı.

    Su Hayattır...

    Su daima yaşamın kaynağı , hayatın başlangıcı olmuştur. Meydan Ardıçlı’da yer alan açık kapalı yüzme havuzu ve eşsiz spa sizi suyun hayat enerjisi ile buluşturuyor. Hayat su gibi akıp giderken, siz her doğan gün yeni hayallerinizi dolduruyorsuznuz.

    Living in Safety...

    For a safe and peaceful life, Meydan Ardıçlı offers 24/7 security services and protects you and your loved ones with the video intercom system in each flat. With the car park with 2000 vehicle capacity, your vehicles are safe. You never need to worry about your loved ones in Meydan Ardıçlı, because here safety comes first.


    Adres : Ardıçlı Mah. Doğan Araslı Bulvarı No:230
    Esenyurt / İstanbul / Türkiye
    Telefon : 0850 460 90 70
    Fax : 0212 699 30 81
    E-Mail: info@meydanardicli.com.tr


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